The Gate (2017):  3D Animation

I am interested in the social divisions that occur between people, political ideologies, and nations. For this reason, doorways and walls reoccur as themes in my work.  During a stay in Berlin, Germany I was interested in the most famous divisions: the Berlin Wall.  I wondered what it must have been like for the people living on either side – were they consumed with thoughts about the other – did they wonder if it was better there?  These ideas were explored when developing the two scenes for the 3D animation project The Gate.  Ghost-like bodies move towards a doorway collaged with images of paradise and two Sphynx.  A question in a foreign language descends from the top of the wall stopping some figures at the entrance, while other bodies freely pass.

The Gate was first developed and shown during a four-week intensive course at the School of Machines, Making, and Make-Believe, Berlin in July 2017.  The revised animation shown at Art Placement could be viewed as augmented reality from a tablet and as a projection in the evening. The initial version was edited with help from University of Saskatchewan the Computer Science Graduate Student Golam Mostaeen.

For the Tech Art show at the Ontario Science Centre, February 17-19, 2018, visitors could experience the project as Virtual Reality.  Over three days, over 220 participants entered The Gate and engaged with virtual reality for the first time.  Designed as interactive, the project involved some learning.  Visitors navigated the space with their body and controllers by teleporting themselves.  In order to access the other side of the wall, they could select objects by touching them.  If successful, they entered a garden oasis.  University of Saskatchewan Interactive Systems Design student Brandon Piller edited this version of the project.


Scene 1 (Virtual)


Scene 2 (Virtual)


Installation, Ontario Science Centre, Tech Art
Toronto, ON
February 17-19, 2018